3 musketeers

Im really board and im in school still im not doing anything. Im in the year 4 classroom and they are learning about reggie music BOB MARLY is playing xD . My friend has just stared a blog go on over and follow her, her name is : itssssoph shes a really good blogger and a really nice friend




soooo much has happend since i have been away…..

1. my phone has been taken away!

2. im grouned for the WHOLE summer !!!

3. school is going horribly wrong

Its only 2 days left of school till summer but after that i will be going to secondary school … i got put in a tutor with dream but then 5 people who bully me. 2 of them are in my tutor so i had to move and now i am not wuth dream boy 😦

At the moment im in school but we are not doing anything, so i thought i would open up WordPress and write a blog soo…. how are you guys? im sorry i have not been on for a while i was caught out that i had a blog and was told to delete it so i deleted the APP but not my accout…. hopefully i will be blogging for the whole summer and i will keep you up to date as much as i can 😀

Comment down below… how you are and have you stared summer yet or will be very  very soon




Week in 1 pharagragh 

So this week was amazing, Gettig the boy of my dreams and kissing me. The first time he kissed me I though I was going to die, I thought I was going I melt.

I also got a new permit board this week and me an dream boy went Into town, he took me for lunch. I hade a hallumi burger, and dream boy had an American styled burger.

Then we went for a Starbucks, he bought everything, he is everything. He held doors open heled my hand it was an amazing day/week 👍🙌✌️




so im at school im using a school laptop to write this, its going to be really short but thats it,

so DREAM BOY came over to me today and said he loved me at break. im really happy im now dating the boy of my dreams. today in maths we had to do long division i dident get it so, he came over and helped me it was soo cute and i loved every second of it 🙂

At the moment im sat next to one of my best Friends were meant to be doing math but i snuck on to wordpress.

i have to go now



Dream boy 

Hi guys,

So dream boys back and I can’t say how much he means to me I love him to dreads and he’s the only person I care about. 

After school we went to the park, his ex was there surprise surprise. She sore us kiss and everything went down hill then plates we’re throw  (we were having lunch)  knifes were thrown at one point I said “Is this really going to solve anything ?!?!” She looked at me and I thought she was litrally go to spit I me “I would kill you right now if jail and court did not exists” and walked off with her friends. The rest of the day was full of holing hands and lots of kissing 





So today was okay I guess, I had another panic attack today. I went out side and there standing was the boy of my dreams. I know I would never date him cause the girl who is going out with him now HATES me ! I walked out side and we stared to talk, he was flirting with me ad I was too, he told me how much he hated his girlfriend and how much he wanted to date me, but then to break it his girlfriend came out and started to kiss him right before my eyes!

  So at lunch time I walked over to were h was sitting and asked to meet me outside the west hall, he did, I told him I have liked him for a LONG LONG LONG LONG time and he kissed me on the lips and I thought I was going I die. He asked me out at the end of school.
So that’s it it was an amazing day….





So this blog is going to be undercover, so I can be who ever I want and write whatever I want with out any of my family or friends knowing. 

I will write about anything and every thing I want, ranging for boys to family issues.

You probly want to know some stuff about me fist….

I’m a British girl with anxiety, when it comes to making friend I’m all in, a chatty girl, who you would think would not have anxiety, but when it comes to school, tests, and LIFE… I’m all hands up. I stared to get anxiety when I was at the age you start your period. The fist ever one I had in school if freeked out cause I was all happy then suddenly I was crying, the teacher took me out and said I need to talk to a cousiler, I got angry and stressed and had another panic attack. After that I just became so lonely and hollow with what I was going to do …

But that’s it and I’m just going to blog every day, and I hope you injoy it